Beer with Artist

 vol.1 ファニ・フッタークネヒト(Fanni Futterknecht)


image of  “Beer with Artist” Vol.1 Fanni Futterknecht at Hoffma, Osaka, Japan
JP  21 May 2023

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 アートと隣人 vol.1 / インドネシアの文化芸術、その創造環境


image of TRA-TRA-TALK “アートと隣人 vol.1 / インドネシアの文化芸術、その創造環境”  at コクリワーク, Osaka, Japan
JP  30 May 2022

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Exhibition “At that sunny place / アノ ヒダマリニテ


image of exhibition “At that sunny place アノ ヒダマリニテ”  at TRA-TRAVEL gallery, Osaka, Japan
JP  12-19 March 2022

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Exhibition “Co-mirroring コ・ミラーリング -共にうつしあう-


images of exhibition “Co-mirroing”  organized by Breaker Project, Osaka, Japan


JP  11 February – 13 March 2022


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Exhibition “de-CONSCIENTIZATION / 脱 – 意識化


images of exhibition “de-CONSCIENTIZATION 脱 – 意識化”  at The Art Centre, Silpakorn University, Bangkok, Thailand
JP/EN  16 Dec 2021 – 5 February 2022


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Exhibition “in the era of Asia’s PostLCC / ポストLCC時代の  


images of exhibition “in the era of Asia’s Post-LCC / ポストLCC時代の  ”  at Kyoto Art center, Kyoto, Japan
JP/EN  11 January – 16 February 2020

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